Creating an Effective Study Recruitment Webpage

This webinar will provide practical guidance on using the USC Clinical Studies Directory publishing tool to create a study webpage and on developing effective content so that your study can be found and read.

Tagged: scientific communication , research participant recruitment

Digital & Traditional Tools for Recruitment Toolkit

This toolkit contains proven strategies and tips to help researchers develop a solid plan to recruit and retain study participants.

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Digital Scholar Webinar: Giving Back: Strategies for Effectively Communicating Results Back to Research Participants

Digital Scholar Webinar: Giving Back: Strategies for Effectively Communicating Results Back to Research Participants

Tagged: community engagement , research participant recruitment , research

Digital Scholar Webinar: Recruiting Research Participants Online Using Reddit

​This 50-minute presentation introduces r/SampleSize, a community on the website Reddit that allows for online participant recruitment without compulsory or immediate payment. It will provide an overview of best practices for recruiting participants on r/SampleSize. It will also compare r/SampleSize to Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), a widely used crowdsourcing platform for recruiting research participants.

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Introduction to Becoming a Successful Digital Scholar

In this workshop, we will provide an overview of Digital Scholarship and explore examples of scholars who have successfully used digital approaches to advance their research and careers.

Tagged: scientific communication , research participant recruitment , dissemination of science , networking , collaboration , online profile building , reputation management

Leveraging Medical Health Record Data for Identifying Research Study Participants: Practical Guidance on Using Clinical Research Informatics Applications in Your Research

This webinar will highlight three applications available at USC, CHLA and LA County DHS that assist researchers with identifying prospective study participants.

Tagged: research participant recruitment , clinical research informatics

Recruiting study participants online using Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Crowdsourcing has had a dramatic impact on the speed and scale at which scientific research can be conducted. This webinar summarizes what is known about MTurk sample composition and data quality with an emphasis on findings relevant to clinical psychological research. It then addresses methodological issues with using MTurk--many of which are common to other nonprobability samples but unfamiliar to clinical science researchers--and suggests concrete steps to avoid these issues or minimize their impact.

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Regulatory Science Symposium: Clinical Trial Startup Session 3: Recruiting and Screening Subjects: Marketing, Social Media, and EHR/Interacting with IRB (2016)

In this session, we will discuss how to effectively recruit subjects for a clinical trial and how modern technology and social media plays a role in the recruitment and screening processes of clinical trials.

Tagged: regulatory science , research participant recruitment , social media/internet research , technology

Successful Research Recruitment: A Toolkit for a Community-Based Approach

This toolkit aims to develop greater capacity and success in research participant recruitment, particularly in the recruitment of underrepresented populations such as ethnic minorities

Tagged: community engagement , research participant recruitment

Using the research platform TurkPrime to crowdsource data for the health sciences

Crowdsourcing platforms are revolutionizing research by providing a way to collect clinical and behavioral data with unprecedented speed and efficiency. This seminar explores another digital platform called TurkPrime that is designed to support research participant recruitment.

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What We Can Learn About Successful Citizen Science from Microbiome Research

Citizen Science typically refers to research collaborations between scientists and volunteers, particularly (but not exclusively) to expand opportunities for scientific data collection and to provide access to scientific information for community members. Dr. Knight will discuss the American Gut Project ( that was launched in November 2012 to discover the kinds of microbes and microbiomes “in the wild” via a self-selected citizen-scientist cohort. The result is a database that characterizes the diversity of the industrialized human gut microbiome on an unprecedented scale; reveals novel relationships with health, lifestyle, and dietary factors; and establishes a living platform for research discovery.

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