The Healthcare Delivery Science (HDS) core group within the SC CTSI advances health system innovations through research awards, training, and collaborations with LA County Department of Health Services and other partners. They support a number of projects through the Safety Net Innovation Awards in partnership with the UCLA CTSI. They also disseminate HDS results and research findings to health systems, researchers, and the community. Click here to learn more about their current and planned projects. 

The HDS core also hosts a training program in which our affiliates present on a variety of topics such as: how to engage in the community in the science of healthcare delivery, funding opportunities for the study of healthcare delivery, and how to use the power of behavioral economics to improve quality and efficiency of patient-centered care. The lectures listed below are planned for October 2020. 

Introduction to HDS "Safety Net Innovation" award program Amy Towfighi, MD, Director of SC CTSI Healthcare Delivery Science core and Director of Neurological Services and Innovation for Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Informatics for Healthcare Delivery Science Daniella Meeker, PhD, Co-Director of SC CTSI Clinical Research Informatics and Assistant Professor in the Departments of Preventive Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Southern California
Dissemination & Implementation Barbara Turner, MD, MSED, MACP, and Albert Farias, PhD, MPH, faculty in The USC The Gehr Family Center For Health Systems Science And Innovation, in conjunction with Brian Mittman, PhD, Senior Scientist at Kaiser Permanente with affiliations at USC and UCLA
Behavioral Economics Jason Doctor, PhD, The Norman Topping National Medical Enterprise Chair in Medicine and Public Policy and Professor of Public Policy, University of Southern California
Health Systems Engineering Shinyi Wu, PhD, Associate Professor of Social Work and Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Southern California
Community Engagement Michele Kipke, PhD, SC CTSI Co-Director/CE Director
Team Science for Healthcare Delivery Science Jennifer E. Cross, PhD, Founder and Co-Director for the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, Colorado State University


Amytis "Amy"  Towfighi Amytis "Amy" Towfighi, MD Director, Healthcare Delivery Science Details

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Allison Orechwa Allison Zumberge Orechwa, PhD Director, Programmatic Development and Interim Program Manager, Healthcare Delivery Science Details

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