This core group provides regulatory knowledge support through training, education, and consulting. This includes free online training modules to help guide clinical research coordinators to conduct clinical trials in compliance with complex regulatory requirements and continuing education to clinical research personnel working in academia and industry.

The D.K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science, funded in part by the Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute, conducts research in regulatory science topics. Additional funding comes from the USC Undergraduate Research Associates Program and other individual fellowships. Examples include:

  • Implementation/dissemination science and visual communication of educational modules
  • Underrepresented populations in clinical trials 
  • Adaptive clinical trials
  • Companion diagnostic development
  • Regulatory dissonance between US and Europe in product labeling
  • Active pharmaceutical and finished product supply chain and quality
  • Opioid antagonists treatments

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Eunjoo Pacifici Eunjoo Pacifici, PharmD, PhD Director, Regulatory Knowledge and Support Details

Team Members

Randa Issa Randa Issa, PhD Regulatory Knowledge and Support Specialist, Regulatory Knowledge and Support Details
Benson Kuo Benson Kuo, PhD Regulatory Knowledge and Support Consultant, Regulatory Knowledge and Support Details
Nancy Pire-Smerkanich Nancy Pire-Smerkanich, DRSc, MS Regulatory Associate Director, Regulatory Knowledge and Support Details
Amelia Spinrad Amelia Spinrad Regulatory Knowledge Support Specialist, Regulatory Knowledge and Support Details

Core Groups

ADMIN Administration Details
BERD Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Details
CRI Clinical Research Informatics Details
CRS Clinical Research Support Details
CE Community Engagement Details
DIC Digital Innovation & Communication Details
EI Evaluation & Improvement Details
RKS Regulatory Knowledge & Support Details
RD Research Development Details
WD Workforce Development Details

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