This core group provides expertise in education, training and career development with special focus on research in diverse populations. Their broad target audience includes career clinical researchers, clinicians, research staff, clinical partners and community members. Workforce Development’s various educational offerings is provided in various formats emphasizing topics in clinical translational research methodology, team science, community-engaged research, research in diverse populations, research ethics, use of digital tools in research, and mentorship. 

For the Mentored Career Development in Clinical Translational Science Program (KL2), they administer, provide didactic coursework, mentorship, and K-grant coaching for those Scholars participating in the training program.

Below are listings of our current and future initiatives: 


    Steven   Siegel Steven Siegel, MD, PhD Director, KL2 Programs Details
    Cecilia  Patino-Sutton Cecilia Patino-Sutton, MD, MEd, PhD Director, Workforce Development/Co-Director, KL2 Program Details
    Katherine  Guevara Katherine Guevara, DPPD Associate Director of Clinical and Translational Research Education Programs Details
    Eric Pedersen Eric Pedersen, Ph.D. Co-Director for Digital Recruitment and Scholarship Details

    Team Members

    Elizabeth Burner Elizabeth Burner, MD, MPH, MSci Faculty Instructor Details
    Karen Busa Karen Busa, MS Program Specialist, Workforce Development Details
    Alex Capron Alex Capron, LLB, MA Director of Research Ethics, Workforce Development Details
    Eric Kezirian Eric Kezirian, MD, MPH Faculty Instructor, Workforce Development Details
    Jeanne McKean Jeanne Dzekov McKean , BA Program Manager, Workforce Development Details
    Gary San Angel Gary San Angel Distance Education Specialist / Media Technology, Workforce Development Details
    Tamara Simon Tamara Simon, MD, MSPH Lead, K-to-R Transition Program, KL2 Program, and Director, CHLA’s Training, Education, Career Planning and Development Program Details
    Elizabeth Zelinski Elizabeth Zelinski, PhD KL Grant Advisor, Workforce Development Details

    Core Groups

    Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Details
    Central Administration Details
    Clinical Research Informatics Details
    Clinical Research Support Details
    Communications Details
    Community Engagement Details
    Evaluation & Improvement Details
    Healthcare Delivery Science Details
    Regulatory Knowledge & Support Details
    Research Development Details
    Workforce Development Details

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